Urban Curb'n

We are a summer ornamental curb and pathway company and winter Tiling company.
We've got a number of different options to help you with all of your curbing needs. With our experience we help you determine how to tackle all of your landscaping concerns. Come winter we specialize in Custom tile waterproof bathrooms as well as kitchen back splashes and floors and fireplace

We give free estimates and deliver prompt services to you always.

Contact us today to get your free estimate. CALL Forest Williamson at (587) 578-2872.

Our Services:
Curbing Creating beautiful edging for your sidewalks, gardens and more in summer and in winter creating beautiful tile work with that "wow" factor inside your home

Landscape Design Giving your property a special touch on the outside and custom tile on the inside. We will increase your property value exponentially

Ornamental Pathways and patio blocks and custom rock work abounds on our sites. Custom color matches to your existing rock work is our specialty


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Contact Information
Urban Curb'n
275 Dicovery Ridge Blvd SW
Calgary, Alberta T3h5l7

Sunday-Friday 24hrs

Services Provided
Winter : Major renovations overseen by our engineers.
Supporting wall removal and beam inserts.
Floor demolitions and reinstalls with tile, Hardwood etc.
Specializing in fine finishes
Bathroom and kitchen reinventing

Summer: Patios,
, ornamental borders colored and stamped
ornamental curbs
Areas Served
Calgary and surrounding including:

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