Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RenovationFind?
We are a FREE online database of the most trusted trades in the renovation and home improvement industry in North America. We make it easy for homeowners to search for credible companies to do the job! RenovationFind is the only site that conducts and monitors financial and legal health of our registered companies – we have done all the research for YOU! All you need to do is search for a company to hire!
How is RenovationFind different from other directories?
In addition to the research we do into our vendors’ financial and legal history, all companies listed on our website must meet three criteria to be listed on our site:
  1. The renovation company has a low number of consumer complains.
    We are a non-review based site eliminating the issue of fake reviews. Consumers are able to submit reviews to RenovationFind, but we do not post reviews; we attach the reviews to the company profile and monitor them internally.
  2. The renovation company is in good financial standing.
    We are the only home improvement website to use a commercial credit information specialist to conduct financial background checks. This ensures the company you hire is in good standing and won’t have issues with bankruptcy in the middle of your renovation.
  3. The renovation company has a low number of legal issues.
    Along with financial background checks our third-party information specialists conduct and monitor legal issues a company has or might still have. We are the only home improvement website that does this. This protects you from issues like fraud or contract infringement.
We are the only home improvement site that lists credible companies truly worth hiring!
Why are customer reviews not posted on the site?

Most review-based websites have the issue of fake reviews. They often rate businesses solely based on consumer reviews without taking other important factors into consideration. In order to avoid instances of companies creating false accounts and submitting false reviews to negatively impact their competitors, we have not included this option on our site.

Consumers don’t need to be questioning and analyzing whether or not the reviews are false as RenovationFind eliminates the guessing game! We take into account consumer reviews as well as other important factors such as their financial viability and legal issues to determine the credibility of a company. This is what makes our site superior to other renovation websites.

How do I submit a review?
You can email it to or submit it on our Contact Us page on our website.
What happens to my review?
We keep the review on file and it is attached to the company profile and monitored internally. If it is a negative review and the company is an accredited member of BBB: We will contact the consumer and direct them to BBB as BBB will act as the mediator between both parties. If it is a negative review and the company is not an accredited member of BBB: We will look into the issue and verify the legitimacy of the complaint by contacting the consumer to get more details and informing the company of the complaint. We will also request for documentation to verify that a service was rendered by the company.
What happens to a company if they receive numerous complaints but their financial and legal risks are low?
Consumers must keep in mind that most companies have had complaints in the past. It’s important to focus on how many complaints and type of issues in comparison to their competitors. Everything is relative and our objective is to keep companies that have the least amount of negative issues relative to their competitors. Companies that are healthy financially and legally, with significantly more complaints than their competitors will be removed from our site because that company will not be meeting RenovationFind’s customer service standards.
How do you determine if a company is in financial and legal troubles?
By reviewing a company’s credit history and their statement of claims and/or legal suits we can determine the financial and legal risks a company might pose on consumers. If it’s obvious a company is unable to meet its liability or is at serious risk of bankruptcy issues, RenovationFind will suspend them from the website until they can show they no longer have any financial or legal risks.
How do you conduct the financial and legal background checks?
RenovationFind uses an independent third-party Commercial Credit Information Specialist, to gather the financial information of our registered companies. We receive information on their past history and they are put under surveillance for any updates, and this could be negative information or important occurrences.
What is Vendor Sign In?
Registered members are provided a login to update their profile and add images of their projects.
What cities are serviced by RenovationFind?

Currently, RenovationFind is servicing major cities in Canada, and we will be expanding into the United States soon!

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