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Are you sick of your business being negatively impacted by illegitimate businesses? is not only an online directory of home improvement and renovation businesses - we are the solution to weeding out those businesses that give our industry a bad reputation.

Branding Your Company As One Of THE BEST

Over 70% of online shoppers look for a third party seal of approval!

Having the RenovationFind logo on your website and marketing materials tells your customers that you are one of the BEST with no credit and legal issues, have all the proper paperwork to conduct business and your priority is customer satisfaction.

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27 MILLION Canadians are searching for services online!

Do you think your company should have to bid the least amount to get a job? We don't! Customers that are searching are not looking for the cheapest companies. They want companies they can trust. Get listed today and get paid what you deserve.

Businesses must meet the following minimum criteria to join our directory:

  1. Do not have any credit issues based on the credit reports we monitor,
  2. Have a low number of legal issues relative to your competitors, and
  3. Have minimal customer complaints relative to your competitors, and is willing to deal with customer complaints.

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