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Custom home builders in Kelowna can help you build the home of your dreams! A good custom home builder will develop an honest relationship with you, ensuring strong communication from the design process to the finishing touches, making sure all of your needs are met. Using a custom home builder allows you to choose every detail and feature from the ground up and since they have experience building luxury homes in Kelowna, you can trust your finished home will exceed your expectations. Contact one of the home builders listed below and get started on your custom built home in Kelowna.
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Kelowna, British Columbia
Sustainable, Net-Zero building is what sets us apart! It has always been on our hearts & our passion to build our homes in the most efficient way possible, while also using the most environmentally conscious materials available.

The 3 Pillars of which our company is built on; Green, Family & Luxury. Each of these pillars is directly reflected in every aspect of our company & they are the “Why” behind what we do.

“Green” is representative of our choice to build all of our homes as sustainable as possible, and to Net-Zero standards. We pride ourselves on sourcing and using the most sustainable materials and products & are utilizing a fantastic new building material for the main structure of our builds!

“Family” is the closest to our hearts, as we strive to build generational homes for families, just like our own. We want our clients to feel comfortable & confident in the fact that their home is the healthiest it can possibly be for their family, while also knowing that it is working for them, and not against them. Cutting back on monthly costs, such as electricity & heating/cooling bills; which in turn allows for our clients to invest in other experiences and costs of their families.

“Luxury” means different things to each of us; and so when we build our homes we cater each project to what that specific client deems to be ‘Luxury’ to them. This can be a large, in-ground swimming pool for one person, but can also mean a home which each of their kids is able to have their own room.

Tell us about your project today and see how we can get you to Green | Family | Luxury!
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Kelowna, British Columbia
Bellamy Homes Integrated Design-Build service makes creating and building the home of your dreams possible for any family.
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